Stand Sunday!

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The power of one has always been impressive and inspiring, but sometimes with our busy lives and schedules, we can totally miss the revelation that we personally could very easily be that one. 

This video from Stand Sunday brings that truth back to light. This one church chose to bring the power of one to an entire county in Texas, and the impact of their choice, Bishop Aaron Blake and his congregation, has continued still to this day. Take the time to be reminded and astounded by what God can do with just one: 


Your on-going support of Identity Mission's work makes it possible for us to also bring the truth of the power of one to the churches in Honduras.  Jorge Garcia, National Director, makes this astonishing statement pictured above when he speaks at local churches in efforts to recruit churches and families to join in the foster care movement. It is our desire, coupled with your prayers that will see the day when we have enough foster families in Honduras so that children will no longer have to be placed in orphanages. 

The local, Honduran church is the answer to the orphan crisis in Honduras; just as, the Christian church everywhere is also the answer for the orphan cry near them. If we say yes to being that ONE, vulnerable children everywhere can know the love of a family. And through the love of a family, they can heal and therein understand the love of Christ. 

If you haven't already, join us today in raising up families to care for kids.

Thank you,
Tara Boshart Garcia
CEO/ Co-Founder Identity Mission