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Identity Mission supports vulnerable children by providing family-based care solutions alongside the local church.


To see a nation where every child has the opportunity to develop their identity in Christ within a loving family.


Identity Mission is Christian

We find our foundation rooted in the Savior, Jesus Christ, as an organization and as individuals within the organization. We are committed to portraying the gospel of grace and love through all we do. We are unapologetically non-denominational because we long to see unity among all believers. (1 Corinthians 1:10)


Identity Mission Values Family

We are dedicated to bringing family-based care to the vulnerable children of Honduras. We believe God designed the family for the care of children, and that in answering the Biblical mandate to care for the orphan in crisis, that means we answer the call by locating and equipping families to care for children. (Psalm 68:6)


Identity Mission Values the Church

We realize that as an organization, we cannot meet all the massive needs found within the context of impoverished countries. But we do believe that the answers can be found within the body of Christ. Therefore, we commit to partnering with the local churches of Honduras; therein, maximizing our efforts, accomplishing sustainability, and assisting in equipping others to answer the call to the orphan plight. (Ephesians 4:11-12)


Identity Mission Values Honesty

We believe in being honest; nothing is worth losing our integrity before the Lord. We strive to make good stewardship a priority. We commit to communicating clearly and with transparency, always seeking to have consistency between what we say and our actions. (Ephesians 4:25)


Identity Mission Values Dignity

While the picture of poverty, broken families and communities isn't always pretty, we aim to guard the dignity of all when sharing the stories of those we serve. We are convinced that God's plan for them is always bright and hopeful; we aspire to always portray that in our publications and social media. (John 13:34)


Identity Mission Values Partnership

We strongly agree with 1 Corinthians 12 that says we are one body made of many parts. We value the abilities of other organizations, individuals, and entities; welcoming their collaboration in all our efforts on behalf of vulnerable children and at-risk families. 


Identity Mission is Passionate

We were formed out of a passion to see justice for the fatherless. Our passion continues to forever fuel our advocacy for the orphan cause. Our prayer is that the Father's heart to answer the cry of the orphan will always spur us to passionate action even when we are weary. (Psalm 82:3)


Identity Mission is faith-led

We believe in the Holy Spirit as our guide and comforter. We stand strong on all the promises of God given in His Holy Word, The Bible, to assist us in completing our work in excellence. We maintain hope in spite of the enemy's attempts to destroy; believing that by God's grace our every effort will make a difference, touch a life, and bring Him glory. (John 16:13)