It Is Good To Be In Good Company

For some, the idea of moving entire nations or even a city from traditional orphan care into family-based care seems like a daunting task and an unattainable goal. 

However, being on the ground in the work of orphan care, we are watching an encouraging movement take place. We are witnessing firsthand the Honduran church step up and take on the responsibility of loving the orphan in the context of a family and a home. Not only are we seeing this movement happening in Honduras, but being connected to those who are leading the way in advocating for orphans around the world has confirmed that best practice orphan care is within the context of family-based care. We are witnessing countries around the world adopt the mentality that it is true, “within their families, children absorb the values of their culture and develop the skills they will need in adulthood.” It is incredibly encouraging to know that we are a piece of a larger picture of what the Lord is doing in orphan care. 

For those of you who believe in, support financially, and constantly raise awareness for family-based care for orphans, be encouraged, because major forerunners in the church around the world are also catching wind of the facts and reality that if we are going to best serve these children, our methods have to shift towards the family unit. The research is proving to be true and encouraging us that, “The scriptural basis for family care is bolstered by a strong academic evidence base, which consistently finds that children who are cared for by families are more likely to thrive than those in residential care.” We are excited to know that what the Lord has been instilling in our hearts and in our practices, He has already been doing in the hearts of His followers around the globe.

We believe that when our methods, mission, and vision are aligned with the Lord’s that He will persistently provide opportunities and the means for those opportunities to be carried out. We believe that Identity Mission is experiencing the reality of this truth; last month we ran a campaign with the aspiration of raising a total of $20,000 the would make possible the reality of growing Identity Mission’s holistic approach to the betterment of the orphan by adding a Honduran psychologist and social worker to advocate for and to serve these children. Not only did God use donors like you to reach that goal, but in the last three days of the campaign, with $7,175 of the $10,000 raised we trusted God that He would provide the final $2,825 in those last 72 hours. Not only did He provide enough to reach the goal, but $26,725.94 on top of the matching $10,000, blowing away our goals, shattering our expectations, and He did it all through you.

We cannot help but believe that through the unbelievable financial support demonstrated, the growing global mindset, and the church aligning under the belief that it is the duty of the local church to care for orphans, that God is preparing amazing things for 2017 and the years to come for the children who are in desperate need of knowing that they are loved and that they belong. We consider ourselves privileged to be able to carry out the mission and the vision of seeing orphans cared for in the context of a family who will point them to Christ. Thank you for partnering with us as we continue to be a part of the movement that seeks to see every child have the chance to grow up within the context of a loving family.

Erica Switzer
Identity Mission, COO