Orphan Sunday 2018!


On November 11th, we had the honor to host an Orphan Sunday event in Siguatepeque, Honduras! We invited families from six different churches to come and join us to hear more about Identity Mission, but more importantly, how we could work alongside each other to serve children that are in danger of being separated from their parents or have already been separated and who are living in orphanages.

That day, foster families shared about their experience with foster care and how it has impacted their lives and how they have seen the first-hand effect on not only the foster children's lives but also on their biological children’s lives. Children experiencing the joy of serving from early in their lives, this is a game changer! The future of this country is going to be in their hands, and having the experience of seeing what it is like to open their homes from a young age will absolutely reshape our culture into one that prioritizes caring for orphans. 

That day, we had different stations to share about each program, and it was amazing to see our staff get bombarded with questions at each station. People are just ready to start serving! And we are ready to empower them with the right tools to be able to do just that and do it in excellence. It’s not enough to do things right, but we need to do the right things. By following God’s call to serve the orphan (James 1:27), we know we are doing things right; by using families and the church to place the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6), we know we are doing the right thing. Join us in praying that the movement that began this November continues on and makes a real impact in hundreds of lives of children in need!

Another amazing thing, is that day in Siguatepeque we had SEVEN churches represented on Orphan Sunday!  Which was the largest gathering of organizations and churches in all of Central America! See the global event map here!

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