Fostering Change In Honduras!

Some momentous change is rising up among the indigenous churches of Honduras.  They are saying YES to the foster care movement here in their country!

Here at Identity Mission, we've been spending several months meeting with some very passionate pastors, speaking to congregations ready to foster real change in their country, and well praying for partners!!! 

And the Lord has answered those prayers!  Last month, two pastors and two churches committed to partner with Identity Mission in supporting foster care.  They allowed Jorge to share with the congregations about fostering, and several interested families signed up and took the first step in perhaps becoming the next families in our foster program!  With their commitment, the churches appoint a foster care coordinator and basically agree to walk the path of training and support with any families that embrace and take-in a foster child.  We are so stinking excited about what God is doing!

And as if that wasn't sufficient, both churches also decided to join another of Identity Mission's programs, that of assisting children currently growing up in orphanages.  YES, each of these two churches are now also committed to partner with one orphanage in their community.  Children, there will now receive on-going mentoring and the love of their Christian family on a regular basis!  

Just the beginning! We are believing that these new partnerships will bring fruit for decades to come, and will truly be the foundation of fostering change in the welfare system of Honduras. When Christians embrace the orphan, lives are changed, kids really do grow up loved and whole; that means a nation of orphans will NOT return to poverty or crime.

Last week, Jorge Garcia, our country director, was able to attend and complete an extensive 10-day training about how to implement effectively and operate a foster care program in a developing country.  The model completely focuses on a partnership with the local church.  We are thrilled to glean from this knowledge accumulated and perfected by Casa Viva from over 10 years of experience in growing foster care in Costa Rica And we are so honored to bring that model to the Honduran church and partner with them in providing family-based care to the abandoned, at-risk, and orphaned child of Honduras.

Thank you, because you too have been a massive part of fostering this change.  Let's move forward together!  Pray with us for the new Honduran churches that have committed to make a difference and walk with us in serving the fatherless.

To give to the foster care movement in Honduras visit: or by  mail: Identity Mission, PO Box 133 Lowville NY 13367


Tara Garcia

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