Honduras is the second poorest country of Latin America, so when I discovered an extremely destitute orphanage while teaching in a bilingual school 2003-2005, on the island of Roatan, Honduras it wasn't surprising that the local church operating the orphanage desperately needed a helping hand.  It was quite a surprise though to find one town over a children's home running in excellence with so much support that they gave supplies out of their closets to the local schools.  It was through volunteering in both of these strikingly different orphanages that I found my life's purpose: to walk alongside orphanages equipping, networking, and empowering them to provide an atmosphere of excellence. 

         Eight years later, my husband, Jorge Garcia, and myself continue in assisting the orphanages strewn throughout Honduras' beautiful landscape.  But in addition, since 2012 we awoke to a call even dearer to God's heart: to see orphans, the lonely, placed into families.  Thus begun one of the first and most extensive foster family programs of Honduras. Now, partnered with several other NGO's, we are determined to see the majority of Honduras' children placed into biological, foster, or adoptive families instead of into orphanages.  It is a great feat and we couldn't be more thrilled to have the privilege to be a part of such a task, fully knowing Jesus already completed the work at the cross.  We are simply walking it out into fruition.  

Tara Garcia