Family Based Care

Identity Mission believes that God's design of family for the care of a child is a model that we should strive to provide for every abandoned, orphaned, and vulnerable child of Honduras.   Therefore, our Family-Based Care program is all about keeping kids in families.  Past research has proven again and again that the best care of a child is in a family atmosphere.  The UN Convention on the rights of the child states it like this:

"The child for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality should grow up in a family environment."

And our own adoptive Father worded it even better in His holy Word: "God sets the lonely in families..." -Psalm 68:6

Therefore, our Family-Based Care program entails the full spectrum of meeting an orphan's inner most need: to know and have a family.  To this end, Identity Mission partners with the local government's children services to create and implement a foster care system, raise awareness about adopting domestically and internationally, and provide support for kinship care and family preservation.

You can learn more about all of these outlets to keep kids in families and Identity Mission's role in expanding Family-Based Care in Honduras in the attached booklet.  

Then join us in the fight to keep kids in families by donating to our Family-Based Care Program.  Set up a monthly, recurring donation and make an even longer, eternal impact; all for the rights of each child to know and be loved by a family.